Inspire Great Culture

Building a company is more than sales or marketing. A company is its people, you need to inspire great culture to foster innovation and a sense of belonging.

Mentorship Class in AI

Conducted a 2-week AI bootcamp for high school girls in collaboration with Unherd, a non-profit organization.

Concurrency In The Erlang VM

How Erlang achieves efficient concurrency with the BEAM VM.

Startup Mentoring

Mentored the teams at the 54 hour hackathon. Gave advice on the tech stack and the business model for young entrepreuners.

Teaching AI to Kids

An introduction to AI and it's many branches and thought processes. The talk included a lot of online demos so that kids could see an implementation of AI in the real world.

4 Year Lessons

A look back at 6 lessons I learned with 4 years of running Skcript.

Machine Learning Via Neural Networks

An concise look at Machine Learning via Neural Networks. I break down the components and reasoning behind modern Machine Learning to get you from zero to one.

Practical Approach To AI

The common conception of AI is that it is magic, while the truth is far from that. I give an introduction to AI with hopes of demystifying it by showing examples and revealing the underlying code.

The Web Is For Everyone

Making the web accessible for everyone - especially for those with physical or mental disabilities. I talk about who this would help and how you can do this.


General overview on how ratelimiting can help you be prepared when the shoot hits the roof! Also demoed 3 code snippets that embody 3 important places you can ratelimit and save that day.

Building Pied Piper For Real

Invited to showcase SHRINK, the enterprise compression server a small team built! Also touch upon team dynamics and how to building motivated teams.

API's Rule The World

How did we scale SHRINK's API to server thousands of requests with an on-premise server? I speak about building modular, scalable and secure API’s. Also introduce efficient API design, key concerns when scaling, and guide on how to run an API driven business model.