Before you upgrade your Rails 4 project to Rails 5

I finally, FINALLY moved my old Rails projects stuck in Rails 4 to Rails 5. I’ve been dreading doing this, since it is such a painful process. But a new year is meant for new things (or old things, depending on how you look at this).

So here are the links that helped me do this,


I also had a terrible time updating my gems when I moved to Rails 5. The problem exists in the development block of your Gemfile. Gems like rspec-rails and quiet_assets are no longer required in Rails 5 and instead of quietly failing, it causes so much of drama! My advice would be to create a dummy Rails 5 project and use that projects Gemfile as a reference.

And finally if you have written tests, you’re in good hands. If not, good luck to you!

So, have a great time folks! (NOT)