My TensorFlow repo is trending on Github!

It’s been a great week for the AI team at Skcript. Over the past week, we were trending top 5 in Github (Python category), for 3 days. We were liked and shared on social media endless number of times. And the best part — received great feedback from the AI/ML community.

At Skcript, we have always given back to the community. It’s something that our team does voluntarily, they love sharing and writing about the new ventures in technology.

We created the tensorflow-resources repo on Github to aid future AI developers. Here it is, Machine learning and deep learning are going to have amazing impacts on software products in the coming future. It’s going to reshape how we perceive online products.

So signing off, thank you for the 261 stars on Github. It means so much that you appreciate our hardwork.

P.S, We recently started August Labs. A focused AI and analytics consulting division of Skcript. Reach out to me if you’d like to bite a chunk out of the next big thing.