What is UnderstandBetter?

UnderstandBetter uses context driven AI to generate meaningful metrics for each employee at your company.

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The platform, in the eyes of an employee is quite simple. Every 3 days of the week they receive a question. Each question will either help CEOs/HRs understand what their workload is, what their perspective of the company is, or what kind of person they are personally. These questions are framed by AI engine, which is custom tailored for your company.

It helps CEOs & HRs measure the employee engagement quotient in the company, with little to no effort. Getting real-time feedback from the employees is the key component in measuring these data points today.

To easily generate actionable goals from the responses, CEOs/HRs can start a direct One-on-One. This, in relation with the polarity of each response, will later be used to generate a report of the employees retention score and the employee engagement quotient.

Analytics are at the core of UnderstandBetter. For each response, automatic summaries are generated, keywords are extracted and a measure of polarity and subjectivity is garnered. There are over 200 data points that we process, and 15 actionable metrics UnderstandEngine (AI Engine for UnderstandBetter) quantifies to help CEOs/HRs make more accurate employee decisions. Using this information, UnderstandBetter predicts the people who are about to leave the company.

These are only our core features. To reach employees where ever they are, UnderstandBetter ties in with existing HRMs and other third party services. To promote realtime conversations with the entire team, we also have Town-halls (a company-wide real time conversation). As a feel good factor, “Memories” rekindles aspects of the company’s story (a kind of Facebook Memories for work).

We deeply care about employee happiness at UnderstandBetter. You’re always cared for here. Sign up for your 14 day free trial now!