Saving water got me some Chaaipani love

I’ve always been ridiculously OCD about saving water. I hate the drip-drip sound of leaky taps, unnecessary usage of sprinklers in the summer, and on and on. So, there’s a little thing we do at Skcript on this cause.

We have a lot(!) of plants at office. From small bamboo plants on everyone’s desk, to large Araceae palms. I absolutely love the smell of petrichor, and I treat myself to it almost everyday watering these plants.

So here’s how we save water at Skcript. Every evening once we’re ready to go back home, all of us pour the remaining water in our bottles into a large pot. The next day we simply use this reserve water for the plants! So simple, but you won’t believe the amount of water we save.

This overly cautious mindset piqued the interest of Chaaipani, a wonderful blog by the wonderful Shruti Chaturvedi.

Read on, I hope you like it!