A little warning before you read on, the contents of this board are a personal ranting that I shared my beautiful team at Skcript. Read on at your own risk.

I’ve never been so much of a perfectionist in my life, I can however proudly say that I have always been lazy. Thankfully, this has not crept into my work life. I’m quite the opposite here. I love to fuss over code, fight for my way, and make sure obsessively all the i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed. That only comes through because of one reason, I LOVE my job. It’s simply being able to see what is in my head, imprinted almost immediately into reality. There’s nothing other than coding that can get you there the fastest. Building skyscrapers takes time, manual labor takes hard work, saving lives takes precision.

All these traits are heightened when building Allt. Finally a product that I will actually use every single day in my life. This has kept me up hours, has stolen all my waking hours thoughts, and has finally strengthened the meaning of building something for yourself. Of course SHRINK will always be my baby, it’s what has gotten us here. But there’s a sense of belonging when building Allt.

So I ask you the next time you step into a new language, a new product, or a new feature at Skcript, please give it your all. It is not for the company, the product, or any other superficial reason. It is for the simplest reasons of all – happiness.

There’s only a single question you need to answer when signing off, Will I come back to this?

Nothing in life is ever finished, life is a constant change machine. And what better way to embody that, than to reflect this in your work? So please, in the most polite way possible, do your work with perfection. Do not leave any leaf unturned. Visit a line of code a million times before pushing it live. It’s okay to obsess and give a damn, if not couple, about it.

There’s inspiration hiding in all nooks and crannies of life, we just have to find it.