Karthik K

I am a 27 year young business owner, running Skcript. Bad design disturbs me. Good design makes me smile. But simple design, leaves me speechless.

Vladimir Kudinov

Vladimir Kudinov is a designer from California. He is also the creator of MailTo, "Responsive email templates guaranteed to look amazing in every inbox, on every device".

Sujit Pal

Sujit Pal is a programmer interested in Semantic Search, Ontology, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. His programming languages of choice are Java, Scala, and Python. He loves solving problems and exploring different possibilities with open source tools and frameworks.

Sebastian Raschka

Sebastian Raschka is the author of the bestselling book “Python Machine Learning.” As a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University, he is developing new computational methods in the field of computational biology.

Emmanuel Goossaert

I am a software engineer, with strong interests in distributed systems, storage systems, data structures and algorithms. I work at Booking.com in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Erik Bernhardsson

I live in NYC and since Feb 2015 I’m the Head of Engineering of Better — a company rethinking how mortgages are done. Before Better, I was at Spotify for nearly 6 years.

Prakhar Srivatsav

Hi! I'm Prakhar Srivastav and i'm currently a graduate student in Columbia University's CS department and I'm interested in Distributed Systems and Functional Programming.

Matt Rajca

I am a Mac, iOS and Web Software Engineer based in Chicago. Feel free to email me regarding prospective projects or follow me on Twitter.

Julia Evans

I live in Montreal. I work at Stripe, on infrastructure. I read all my email and try to respond. I sometimes give talks.

Vik Paruchuri

I’m a data scientist and developer living in Somerville, MA. I’m working on DataQuest. If you’re around Boston and want to get a beer, let me know!

Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB.)

Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB.) is a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist, CTO at Artsy.net in New York, working on bringing the art world online.