Concurrency In The Erlang VM

Erlang is often referred to as the “concurrency oriented programming language”.

How did it get this name? How can a language created in the 80s for the telecom industry help us now?

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Before you upgrade your Rails 4 project to Rails 5

I finally, FINALLY moved my old Rails projects stuck in Rails 4 to Rails 5. I’ve been dreading doing this, since it is such a painful process. But a new year is meant for new things (or old things, depending on how you look at this).

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Rails strategy for reusing common behavior in models

A while ago I had an interesting problem to solve. Three of my modules reused the same functionality, they all had to parse address fields from a given lat and long.

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The Ruby Configure Block

I’ve always liked the way certain Ruby gems allowed developers to configure parts of its workflow.

Airbrake.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = 'your_key_here'

This block just looks so clean and to the point. Almost like magic!

But magic is just a bit of zeros and ones. How’d they do it?

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Sweetcode Article Send Emails with a Custom Domain Using SendGrid and Rails

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that assists businesses with email delivery. And that probably is the most boring definition ever, considering the powerhouse of tools that SendGrid provides.

With SendGrid you don’t just get to send emails, you get to monitor link clicks, un-subscription rates, geographical tracking and a lot more. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through building your own email sending service on Rails with SendGrid.

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