Reading a 100 responses in 30 minutes!

When we built the responses module of UnderstandBetter we focused on making it the best experience for employees. The ease of typing in answers, editor features that can make expressing emotions better and providing a clean interface were our main goals. For a long time we equated a great answer to the length of it. Worthless, I know (we do have spam filters though!).

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What's new in UnderstandBetter?

Welcome to November everybody! Down here in Chennai, we prepare for the winter by switching up our cute summer clothes with warm woolen blankets. Yeah right! It’s summer all year round, all we know is the heat.

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A Diwali Story

If I ever need to remember my inner-child, I just wait until Diwali. It’s the one single day I don’t need to set an alarm to get up.

Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. But personally it means, new clothes, endless supply of munchies, fireworks and celebrations. Food, family and “happyness”; all the eternal pursuits of humans, presented to you on a single day.

Take this day to be grateful for the things you have and to be motivated for the things you want to pursue. May you find the light within and around you. Happy Diwali 🎉.

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What is UnderstandBetter?

UnderstandBetter uses context driven AI to generate meaningful metrics for each employee at your company.

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Redirecting Devise Users To Their Last Visited Page

It’s always a nice gesture to redirect your users to the page they were last visiting. Imagine a scenario where your app sends out mailers with a link to a page that requires a login to see. You can’t assume that your user would always be logged in, so when clicking on this, he/she would be redirected to the sign in page. They then sign in and… they’re back on the homepage. So they leave. Retention 0, distrust 1.

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