What's new in UnderstandBetter?

Welcome to November everybody! Down here in Chennai, we prepare for the winter by switching up our cute summer clothes with warm woolen blankets. Yeah right! It’s summer all year round, all we know is the heat.

Speaking about heat, the Skcript team really raised the temperature at TiECON Chennai at ITC Grand Chola for two entire days. We organized an event for attendees to get a personal, one-on-one 15 minute session with mentors. These mentors came from all sorts of backgrounds, from bootstrapped entrepreneurs reigning empires to self made venture capitalists. We even built our own booking platform to help us out, and wrote about the experience too! (Someone please pull away our engineers from their systems, we build way too many platforms for our own good.)

We pushed a lot of nifty feature updates to UnderstandBetter too! Memories got a huge facelift, you can now tag a memory to a person, associate a weblink to it, and also link a Tweet or Facebook post directly.

UnderstandBetter Memory tagged to a person

There’s also new emoji’s to express your memory better! What do you think? Write to us if you think these emoji’s just can not emote your wide range of emotions. (I’m asking for the 💩 emoji, but no one seems to take me seriously, I wonder why?)

UnderstandBetter Memory form with emojis

Okay, we’ll admit it, we were way too restrictive with Townhalls when we first launched it! We didn’t even allow users to edit or delete comments, a little paranoid in retrospect, but we really thought humans were just robots who never made mistakes. There was an intervention and found out that this is not the case, so here you go! Power to you.

You can now edit comments in Townhalls, and everything refreshes in realtime! You can continue your conversation as you would. We also show a little “edited” flag if someone has been naughty.

UnderstandBetter improved Townhall Comments

There’s also new options to toggle child comments, view only things you want to without getting distracted.

When you use UnderstandBetter, we want to really promote open communication at your workplace. This means that at every interaction you feel like you’re talking to a real person about your problems and not just algorithm. With this new version of UnderstandBetter, all the emails you receive will flow as a conversation in your inbox. This means that when we ask you to answer a question, it comes directly from your CEO. When you setup a OneOnOne with a team member, the summary will ignite a conversation between the both of you in your inbox - and not a notification email you receive from our bot.

Worry not, we are not hijacking your emails, you will always see a “Via UnderstandBetter” in your email addresses. We value your privacy and security more than a product feature.

We really hope you enjoy using UnderstandBetter, we love perfecting this platform. If you would like to give a test drive with UnderstandBetter, just send us an email emoji. (Literally an email with just 👆🏼 emoji!) If you’re in Chennai, we would love to meet you, coffee and cake is on us! If not, we love Skype, Hangouts and Facetime.

Have a great week.

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